Freddie Mac foreclosed homes

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Freddie Mac exists as one of the most influential companies purchasing real estate mortgages. Freddie Mac was established in 1970 by government of the USA to support the rental housing. Nowadays Freddie Mac works normally on the secondary mortgage markets in the form of GSE (government sponsored enterprise).

Freddie Mac creates its own foreclosures: it purchases the mortgages, as a second step Freddie Mac gather them in one single pool and it issues debt securities.

Freddie Mac was expected to reach the special goals, for example:

- to regulate the money supply in order to keep the ability of financial organizations to provide loans;
- to influence the prices on real estate markets;
- to keep stability on housing market.

In order to achieve the goals mentioned company works with Freddie Mac foreclosures. One has to mention that Freddie Mac doesn't work with clients directly but buys all loans on secondary market.

Freddie Mac reached success in three main areas:

- giving a single family loan guarantees;
- providing means for multifamily debts;
- making investments, working with Freddie Mac foreclosures and securitizing of mortgages.

Today Freddie Mac became the biggest company acting on the housing markets in the United States of America.

Use this website to search thousands of Freddie Mac foreclosures including a lot of other bank foreclosure homes and government tax foreclosures

Find REO or short sale agent

To buy a REO, the foreclosure which belongs to bank, one needs to choose the particular house he is interested in. This is the main reason to create detailed lists of REO homes available. As a rule dealing with foreclosure allows buyers to get a house, paying for it less, then normal market price.

But it happens, that prices in such kind of lists are too high or too low or maybe exactly right. If you buy real estate on foreclosure market for the first time, it is highly recommended to find a professional agent. Agents have priceless experience of dealing with REO and knowledge, which will help you to benefit from this operation. The agent should work having your interest as the highest priority.

How To Find A Professional REO agent? Try to find an agent who is busy, not one who has three or four client per year. If an agent is busy with plenty of deals it shows that he probably has a wide range of connections with sellers and buyers of REO property.